The Difference is Insight

lynn oucharek o vision consultingI’m Lynn Oucharek, O Vision founder  head cheerleader,  and idea juicer.  My passion—what keeps me up at night— is finding ways to ignite the desire for Great Work, Engagement and Bigger Ideas in others.

I spent 15 years managing top creative thinkers at one of Canada’s most respected communications companies, while creating strategies and actions for engagement, change and connected idea development.  I’ve combined my business wisdom with my Marketing education, Psychology degree and experience in creativity and innovation to motivate people and activate organizations through shifts and growth.

That’s the official stuff.

Behind the scenes, the story underlying my love of cultures that thrive is creative confidence. From the time I was 10, connecting people with their strengths and “Superpowers”, developing interesting collaborations and outcomes was my focus. You never knew what kids, projects or impromptu lemonade-fort-building startups would end up at my house. Just ask my parents.

By the time I was 16, I had been introduced to everything from Creative Visualization to Think and Grow Rich, and there was no turning back.

While managing my first corporate change initiative and coaching young creative talent in the advertising industry I had an experience with a senior manager that altered the way I looked at human potential and what we accomplish together as creators in organizations, when another director told me it was sad that I wasn’t creative/innovative, meaning a writer/art director/designer/artist, like others in the organization, I realized the line in the sand had been drawn.  It started me on a path to prove that everyone has the potential to leverage their strengths and become curious, engaged, idea makers, problem solvers and actioneers. I’ve had the opportunity to guide people in building their talents and collaborations while creating engagement that assists people and organizations in reaching goals they never even imagined.

I help all types of  teams become empowered and energized in order to achieve fantastic thinking and outcomes. I’m especially passionate about connecting the dots between global changes in education and future paths with young people through thinking and leadership. My goal is to help individuals match their unique abilities to innovation skills building in order to ignite connections which lead to doing the great work and cultures that wow.

I’ve learned that given the opportunity to be part of something bigger we will choose this above all other options.  It can open the door to us to believing in our capacity to create bigger ideas, so social innovation is a key part of our programs. It’s an invitation to do well by doing good.

What’s Your Superpower?

But all my years revving the creative engine in others still leaves me with a niggling question, one that keeps me and O Vision going.

Why do so many people and organizations leave their true talents at the door?

Those very passions, interests and abilities are the things that make one remarkable, the Superpowers that can move them forward to the place they want to be in their ideas, paths and impact, makes the difference in building great teams in organizations which leads to powerful change.

Does this sound like you or your people in the organization? Do you leave “ your best stuff” at the door in work and projects because you don’t think it belongs in a real job or project ?

My message is this: I believe it is never too late to become outstanding, take risks and grow. My vision is to support a movement around innovation and doing Great Work that positively impacts others. I want everyone, from five to seventy-five, to recognize their strengths, embrace authentic thinking, and build strong relationships that lead to bigger outcomes.

Like a triple-scoop chocolate dipped ice-cream cone with sprinkles. For breakfast.

We have developed some great collaborative  partnerships along the way  in the area of strategic thinking, engagement, story telling and brand development.  When there is a need for additional thought leaders or specialized skills we hand pick exactly the right partners for every situation, so you experience amazing outcomes.

O Values

Cultivate Curiosity – No matter what your age, being a lifelong learner and explorer is key.

Promote Bravery – We need to be brave and support others who step way out there to do great things.

Be Generous – Generosity is at the center of co-creating bigger things, don’t hold back.

Foster Fun – Every person and place needs more fun to thrive.  More rubber chickens.

Nurture Creativity – We are all creative.  Encourage yourself and others to engage their strengths.

Create Visions – Create the wildest, most vivid picture of what you want, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.