creativity for educators and parents

What can administrators, educators and parents do to equip children with future focused skills that  enable them to be happy, confident and successful through the amazing changes the economy and technology are continually bringing our way.  The answer is plenty. It all begins with our own understanding of skills in risk taking and innovation which allows us to expand our collaborations and methods for developing better solutions and outcomes.   By being role models for these skill sets we’re able to create the outcomes we most want by building risk taking and innovation muscles in ourselves and our students.

Check out our workshops and information with both parents, educators and young people in mind:

  • For educators—learn how to tap into your collective strengths and how to translate those abilities into new engagement in your centre of learning
  • For parents—learn how to inspire your kids at home with skill sets that let them connect their strengths to life paths and learning for success
  • For  young people—for young people between the ages of 16-20+, strengths and skills development which help you create paths and actions using tools and mindsets in innovation