One to One

o vision workshops for individuals

Whether your focus is gaining leadership skills, becoming  a better collaborator or building people and culture.  We can help coach you on actions and strategies that lead to doing great work. Experiential learning and exercises in innovation and values guide you to solutions that apply your unique talents to create amazing outcomes.

It’s all about using your strengths with real life experiences, models and examples, in order to gain connection between what you already have and creating a clear path forward.   We look to future landscapes to build the skills you most need in yourself and others around you.

Team and individual development of core competencies, focusing on creative and design thinking for better problem solving and unique tools which assist in your team interactions, productivity and ability to communicate and drive business outcomes more effectively are at the core of doing the work we’ll do with you.

We especially like to act as guides for those in the under 30 category. Allowing them to leverage the strengths they have and build new skills which will assist them in gaining the collaborations, leadership and career paths they most want is key to our reason for doing what we do.

Check out our offerings for individuals and groups, uncover your core strengths and put them into play.

Unique Team Exercises

We create unique team exercises which highlight individuals and their talents within a community setting.  The ability to connect in groups through putting collaborative thinking in action is another great way to coach individuals and build muscles in creative confidence and leadership.  Contact us for more information on these powerful specialized events.

One-to-One Coaching and Consulting

Being able to connect with you one on one offers us a great opportunity to find out more about your work/life path.  We look forward to hearing more about you and your organization, and what we can do to help open doors and create connections to developing your leadership skills along with the people and cultures you guide.

Learn more about One-to-One Coaching