The Keys To Engaging Your Teams Through Innovation And More



Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m Lynn, and at O Vision we believe everyone is capable of being creative and making great collaborations part of their work and life. We help your people recognize their strengths and stretch out with new ideas and actions through sharing your group’s collective genius.  It’s moving to a MacGyver mentality of using the resources already under your roof which builds engagement and resiliency. Sometimes, all you need are the tools and an invitation in order to achieve extraordinary things. By putting people at the centre of  the transformations you most want to experience, your organization can accomplish it’s big goals and so much more.

That’s what O Vision does. We empower you with skills and mindsets in innovation and connect them to the picture of where you most want to be, so everyone around you understands how best to assist in getting there . We dig deep to uncover your group’s “Superpowers” in order to help you and your teams take more risks, and lead with action together.  Innovation and great problem solving requires developing landscapes where more human connection and empathy takes place, and leads to greater engagement.

Our unique use of social innovation challenges allows individuals to break down walls and gain experience while doing good for others, which means everyone being able to tell new stories about themselves, your organization and what’s possible. If you’ve gathered great insights in people analytics we’ll assist you in creating action plans that take your people and culture plans from paper to hands on interactions.  When you’re able to create safe, trusting environments, people are able to experience more authentic success. And we really mean success!

O Vision Helps All Kinds of People and Organizations Discover their Full Potential

We especially love:

  • Organizations  looking to develop engagement strategies and action plans which focus on building people’s strengths through growth and change, leading to outstanding connected communities.
  • Educators  and parents who want to ignite the spark in themselves and their students to create fresh ideas, and collaborative environments which allows them to guide the incredible shifts in learning today
  • Individual folks and leaders wanting to empower themselves and others with new problem solving abilities which creates bonds that bring people together to accomplish big outcomes.

Take a look at any time in history and you’ll see that outstanding people lead with curiosity and urgency, which then allows them to ” think differently” and take action.  Those people recognize opportunities, embrace happiness, and inspire their groups in ways that others can only imagine. Today, the world is moving away from traditional models of work and learning at light speed. To succeed, to thrive, you must develop bridges with people at the centre, including gaining practical innovation and design thinking skills to apply to all areas. It’s time to stretch out and do the Great Work you and your teams are meant to do.

Let’s Get Started

Learn more about O Vision in this quick video, check out these great resources and articles on creativity, engagement and collaboration, or read a bit more about me and why igniting social innovation as part of your innovation strategy matters now more than ever. Better yet, contact me directly so I can learn about all the great work you’ve got planned.


Lynn Oucharek