o vision workshops for organizations

O Vision is passionate about our work with groups and organizations. From not-for-profits, new technology and midsize businesses to educational institutes, a strong view, innovative ideas/training and your story are the cornerstones of success. Powerful words, you bet, it’s one thing to talk about strong engagement and new ideas and quite another to activate your entire organization around them. We help you build action plans and environments that empower everyone from employees to clients on how to use your purpose and their strengths in order to assist  in reaching your big organizational goals and dreams.

We also help with idea development and strategic needs on a project basis, in order for you to create exactly the right outcomes in your business.

We look forward to exploring one on one who you are, where you’re headed, and how you’ll get there.  And if you still want more ways to do the great work you set out to do, then take a look at our workshop themes below or inquire about custom training in creative/innovative skills development and getting “unstuck”.

Ask us about our specialty coaching for employees in the under 30 category, in order to help them succeed with their personal and organizational goals.

We’ve developed  workshops for organizations, a series of  in-depth, focused sessions designed to answer a wide range of questions. You’ll delve into:


  • Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking—learn how to create  innovative ideas and strategies that move your organization forward and ensures you get noticed.
  • Growth and change — understand how your vivid picture for success unleashes creative talents in people in order to win in the area of growth and change.
  • Organizational development—when people understand your story, and what you stand for, communication, connection and great problem solving are the offshoots.