o vision praise

I’m so grateful for all the kind words and amazing relationships being created everyday. These folks had especially nice things to say.

Andreia Guariento, Educator, Centum Equinox Financial Group

Lynn and I started defining my values and beliefs and from there we initiated a process where I was able to unfold and understand my passion and WHY I do what I do. 
After I found the answer for my WHY, we developed my philosophy, WHAT I stand for. 
The second phase of our work consisted on setting out my goals and work strategies, finding the base of my branding and all possible business extensions that would lead to my growth. 
Lynn is one of the most kind, caring, thoughtfuland compassionate individuals that I have ever known. Thank you Lynn, you have helped me re-find myself; you inspired me to just be me, and with that I developed the confidence that I had been lacking towards my business.

Karen O’Shannacery,  Executive Director, OBC,  Lookout Emergency Aid Society

Lynn was given the daunting task of assisting our agency celebrate our 40th anniversary with our clientele, with our 325 staff and with the greater community.  But it was not all fun and games:  we took the time to renew our commitment to end homelessness for people who have few options.  Lynn led us through this, including a process of reaching out to our Board, staff, clientele and some society friends.  She assisted us update our foundational documents (Mission, Mandate, Vision) and adding Lookout Values and Principles in an inclusive process.  The goal was not just to word tweak, but rather to involve as many of us as possible in defining and practicing the values that remain at the heart of who we are and how we work.  The result was a resounding reaffirmation of commitment, many recognitions and a new logo!  Lynn, we could not have done this without you!  You have helped prepare us for the future!  Thank you!

Darien Russell, Principal, South Meridian Elementary School

Having had the opportunity to observe Lynn working with students at my school, I can attest to her abilities to inspire, nurture and promote positive change for young people.  Lynn’s energetic passion for youth leadership initiatives and making a difference are clear, contagious and motivating.  Students have thrived on being able to take ownership of the creative seeds that Lynn has helped to plant in them, all the while being encouraged and nudged forward so that their projects can be seen through to success.
The students and I look forward to working together with you Lynn, as another year approaches and more positive change beckons.