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I love the energy of connecting people and ideas live to create positive change.  Join me for fun and memorable speaking and workshops that produce amazing outcomes.

Upcoming Events

I’m super excited to be presenting Risk Taking and Innovation for Students November 18th for BCIT Students.

2:30-4:30. This highly interactive, fun workshop provides an introduction to risk taking and innovation skill sets needed to help connect your unique strengths to actions that build your leadership and innovation abilities.

See BCIT Marketing or Toastmasters for more information.

Risk Taking and Innovation for Fearless Presentation Skills

Please join myself and BCIT students Thursday October 1st at 5:00pm for this inspiring look at how you can gain tools to create bigger ideas and risks in your work and presentations in order to impact your communities in a much larger way.

I’ll be covering:

- How to begin your practice around innovation and great work

-Taking more risks by getting out of your Bunny Slippers and creating more small experiments

-How your “Superpowers ” and collaborating with others allows you to extend your ideas


Risk Taking and Innovation in your business – Fraser Valley Executives Association

Join us August 10 at Eaglequest golf course for this workshop on how to bring bigger ideas and collaborations in to your business.


Women_and_Risk_Taking Archery 


Student Less Stress More Success – Postponed

- Fun, interactive workshops for both parents and students. Everything from tools for stress reduction, to a youthleadership and art experience project.

- Parent workshop on skills and confidence building for students, including digital impact and simple actions you can take athome to assist.

- Community wrap up project, for parents and students

This Free workshop is made for Parents,and Students 10-13 years old. As parents we want to ensure our children are happy and healthy.

Today we are seeing a dramatic increase in student anxiety and depression in their school lives. Current research suggests thatapproximately 25% of students in secondary school are experiencing some form of stress related illness.The good news is there are many things we can do as parents to help them build authentic success and less stress before it happens.

Join other parents and students in this fun interactive workshop

on learning skills, mind sets and tools to assist students in managing whatever future challenges come their way.

Free Tickets at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/youthless-stress-more-success-tickets-16417807103

Creative Genius Groups

Are you tired of working on your own to solve career, business and project problems?  Creative Genius Sessions is a monthly collaborative group for women focused on taking your ideas, getting you “unstuck”, and creating clarity through energetic exchanges. It’s a bit of  mastermind meets cirque de soleil.

 This is where women from various backgrounds come together to share and move their ideas, projects, and businesses forward to bigger outcomes, while building fabulous relationships along the way. The sessions are facilitated by Lynn Oucharek, with over 18 years of creative skills, strategic planning and facilitation experience.

Bring your sense of humor, and willingness to interact with the group.

 Next Pop up session March 31st 12:00pm -2:00pm-  O Vision Studios. Please contact me for availability.

Youth Life Path Spring BootCamp ( Ages 15-19),   Location is O Vision Studios 16169-13th Avenue Surrey V4A 6W3

Have you started thinking about your  life path direction? Sometimes, just finding one piece to the puzzle can make a difference between getting “unstuck” and moving towards what you really want.

If you’re looking for a way to connect the dots between what you already have, and learning new skills for a career and life path you envision, then join me for this fun workshop.

Bring your sense of humor, personal devices and readiness to interact with others.

When: TBA

Cost  $150.00 + tax. 

We’ll cover:

-Individual strengths, and creating practical starting points that matter to you

-Critical soft skills development for communicating in groups, and leading solutions

-The future career landscape, and building authentic paths you love

-Tools for getting “unstuck”, resiliency and recognizing fear of failure in order to move forward quickly and confidently

-Training for empowering yourself with what you value to produce bigger ideas and actions

-Simple stress reduction techniques to keep you thinking clearly and acting positively




Digital Youth Re-Connect, skills for ages ( 9-12).   Self and Nature;  becoming present, and better problem solvers by using nature TBA

Technology is a great tool but can be overused by today’s youth.  Recent studies have proven that the large degree of digital is impacting the ability of young people to both feel emotionally connected to others and be great problem solvers.  By learning tools early on such as thinking like a traveler, becoming more mindful and using connecting to nature as a way to get “unstuck”, young people can build skills that will help them succeed in all areas of their life.  Join us for this fun indoor/outdoor session. Max class size


Girl Power, Life Skills and Confidence Ages 13-15   TBA

This session is focused on having fun, recognizing your strengths and how to create more confidence / happiness in your life with what you already have.  We’ll look at how connecting with others assists in developing bigger ideas and clearer paths that leads to authentic success.  Max class size 8

We’ll Cover:

-Strengths and Superpowers, using your unique talents to build paths forward

-Fear of Failure, how mistakes really help you grow

-Diversity of Input, how exposure to new information help you create a direction

-Digital impact, the power of taking breaks and “making”

-Stress reduction techniques and tools for getting “unstuck”

-Future landscapes, the exciting changes in work/life opportunities and how to leverage what you have