Start The Year By Showing Your True Sparkle



Like some birds and many women I know, the attraction to things that sparkle is undeniable.  You would think that most of us would tire of those glistening bits, I’m sure there is neurological research that explains the brain’s attraction to it, but the fact still remains that we’ll pick sparkle and shine over dull any day of the week.

All I know is that when you catch a glimpse of that person or thing which gains your attention and really sends out a spark, you just can’t turn away, you have to see more.

True sparkle feels like there is some kind of magic that you need to be part of.  It brings you back to an earlier time, maybe when you were 8 and there really did seem to be more fantabulous people and things. It allows you a momentary rest from the realities of every day, and sometimes provides a glimpse of a part of you that has been tucked away for far too long.  It inspires, provides hope, and mostly it makes you smile or laugh, which many of us need more of.

A couple of years ago I started to talk about the sparkle in others jokingly.  You know things like, “have a sparkly day” and “sparkle on dude”, and “may the sparkle be with you”.  To my close group it was a fun way to say, have an incredible day and let others see that special bright part of who you are, the one that you often only show to your inner circle.

It turned out there was more to it than I had imagined, as one of them decided to take it one step further and create a pseudo sparkle club.  She invited other people she came across that she deemed “sparkly” in their attitudes and actions, and even picked up some glistening bracelets to give out to everyone.  While we haven’t taken the club much further, plans are under way, we have agreed that being part of this club and what it represents; an understanding that showing your true, kooky brightness which makes you unique and lights the way for others to shine, is a necessity in this life, both for you and them.

As you start this new year I want to challenge you to bring forward your true sparkly being, the one that is a little quirky, interesting and fun, and certainly isn’t afraid to show up to an event with a lot of sparkles on, which may or may not look like a fur trimmed skirt at Christmas or fake Guy Fieri hair at parties.

How will you know when you’ve got it right?  For me it was when my 15 year old son told me that I was “like a cake with A LOT of sprinkles on top, silence, you know that’s a good thing right?”

Have fun and sparkle on.

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