The Rise of a Z nation?

So all kidding aside,for the Zombie Apocalypse creative showcase we currently have you might have been lulled into believing that it was just a horrible fantasy world.

What if I told you that I thought we might be on the way to breeding a Z nation right now, not the kind that literally eats others but is eating up our human capacity for greatness. I don’t want to sound too out there but stick with me for a moment.

In recent times we’ve seen an immense increase in our reliance on digital technology, and while I’m the first one to look to technology and more specifically digital for the next great shift or find.  There also is a real reliance building on our digital tools which is not only taking away our ability to develop bigger ideas but maybe more importantly our skills to create relationships and collaborations that will help us feel connected and allow us to produce bigger outcomes.

At a time when we’re facing a greater need for outstanding problem solving and  bridging gaps between people we’re spending less and less time doing just that.  We’re also spending a lot less time “making” and doing things. We’re becoming content to sit back and have other people on youtube feed us their experience.  Don’t get me wrong like all good creative development being able to work from the starting point of others is critical in order to make something new, but when it becomes the fallback for actually thinking and doing then we’ve got a zombie like problem brewing.

If we look at  student experiences it’s even  more critical, many of them spend almost no time outside just tinkering so that they could begin to understand what they’re capable of and how to leverage it. I think about the study from Cisco that sites college students willing to give up their pinky finger for their phones, it doesn’t take one long to figure out what else they’re willing to give up in order to keep their digital connection going.

We all need to be aware of how we’re balancing our time between digital and actual thinking and  action, both with others and on our own.  It doesn’t have to look one way but feeling connected physically and mentally to the work your doing is a good start.

Why not begin with purposefully making sure we disconnect from all your digital for at least 1 hour a day, outside of sleeping, to really get ourselves and our crews to concentrate on what other small clues and insights they can pick up from the interactions they’re taking part in.  I think everyone would be amazed at what they’re missing and how it can help to create new ideas and solutions by just being connected back to your immediate environment and the people in it.

How are you creating balance for yourself and the people in your life in order to ward off the potential of us becoming a digital Z nation?


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