Workshops for Educators

As teachers, counsellors and administrators  how do you use what you’re passionate about, to inspire yourself and reach your students?

Our educator workshops focus on turning strengths, knowledge and personal style into natural extensions in learning. We look at ways to extend environments out from the systems core expectations to empowering you. The question really is, how do you incorporate what you’re good at and bring that extra spark to you and your students,  in order to develop new ideas and create engaging outcomes.

Awakening Your Superpowers

A group session for educators, connecting personal strengths and innovative thinking to your environment.

This session explores tools for taking personal strengths, creativity and innovation and turning them into practical and inspiring outcomes for educational development. We look at everything from connections in creativity, to the power of fostering collaborative partnerships and introduce the idea of personal brand development and empowering your own class vision. We also touch on how to extend the core concepts of design thinking to align to create more curiosity in your plans and the experiences you mentor.

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A Vivid Picture For Your Center of Learning

Vision development sessions for educators to create a clear path to the future.

This session takes administrators and educators through a vision development session that will create a picture of what you want all of the key elements of your organization to look like over a 1-3 year span. This is a fun and inspiring way to build a joint vision outlining what the key elements are and determining how you are going to get there.

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