Workshops for Organizations

Organizational Development and Your Story

“It’s what’s in the dirt that counts”

This session works on defining your organizational values and cultural clues so everyone understands the starting point on which to build a safe environment for people to take risks and build your story. It determines your key strengths and superpowers and discusses the connection points for employee engagement and how it impacts everything from decision making to team collaborations.

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Creating Your Own Pirate Ship

Opening innovation and out of the box thinking within your organization

If you’ve toyed with the idea of creativity and innovation within your organization, but just weren’t sure what it would look like or how it will really work, this session is for you. We will help you design opportunities that open personal talents and match them with your overall project or organizational goals to see what new outcomes are possible. We will assist you in preparing teams or whole organizations in order for them to be successful in creating new ideas that will benefit your internal and external goals.

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Activating Your BOD

(That’s Boards of Directors, folks.) In many organizations, the BOD can make the difference in reaching goals and creating new directions or failing miserably. You have all of these great minds in one place for a very short time, how can you maximize their potential and diverse backgrounds, while leaving them inspired about their involvement? Creating some common ground and a clear vision of what the organization is trying to achieve can lead to much greater successes for individuals and organizations.

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