Workshops for Parents & Youth

Students are remarkable whether they’re 7 or 17+, born with the knowledge that they can do anything, be anything. But to succeed they need to develop resilience, leadership, creative and innovative muscles. They need insight and flexibility to explore new ways of thinking and interacting with others.  Above all they must keep their sense of curiosity, and connect that to their strengths/talents in order to really be happy and explore what matters most to them. Finally, using all of this to build a path forward.

Our workshops help parents and young people recognize their potential and unlock their natural ability ,so they can use their dreams and action to aide in their ongoing development and ability to do Great Work, whatever path they take.

Parent Session: Helping Youth Thrive In The New Economy

This session is for parents of 14-20+ year olds focusing on how our children’s strengths match with the new career and economic landscape.  The focus is not only on information but tools on getting “unstuck” so they can move their thinking and actions forward.

As parents we are constantly looking for ways to support and ensure our children end up exactly where they are meant to be, but it can confusing determining how best to help them get there in these changing times. We will discuss trends in work/life and learning that will provide young people between the ages of 14 – 20+, with skills and direction that can make the difference in creating a career, and successful life path they love.

-How skills such as communication,critical thinking and leadership are some of the most sought after by employers, but least developed in young people, and how we can help

-Tips on opening doors to new career paths and learning, by focusing on individual strengths

-The changing career landscape, and how equipping our children with new tools and resilience is going to be key to their authentic success

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Introduction to Risk Taking and Innovation through Social Good  16+

This 2 part series is and introduction to the value of taking more risks with ideas and actions in order to do well in work and life. Through learning basic innovation and design thinking tools and then putting them in action on real world challenges put forward by local non profits, students are able to build both their leadership and innovation muscles.